Learn About 10 Things You Must have to Become a Professional Soccer Player

Learn About 10 Things You Must have to Become a Professional Soccer Player

Most young people love football, and many of them play football, some do it every day, but not all those who play football can be professional players. For some reasons, in this report you can mention Ten Achia professionals


It is the basis of any sport. The physical state is very important. The length of the soul and the strength of the load are essential in football. The football match is long. The possibility of resting comes after 45 minutes of running and jumping. The soccer player may experience muscle tension or a heart attack. Your body is overloaded. The physical state can be easily acquired by daily exercises for running and swimming, various physical exercises and quitting, as well as the physical state and the correct weight of the body.

The speed

You can be physically fit, but you're slow! It is very important that the soccer player is quick, as he will join what is faster and lighter than the ball, speed is obtained by strengthening the muscles of the legs and thighs, and continuous training to run , the faster the player, the more possibilities for professionalism. The musical compatibility is a very important element. Because he uses his mind to move his body and pass the ball, and the appreciation of the shot and the tendency of strength and direction, it must be his mind and his nerves. able to control your muscles carefully, to be able to do what your head intelligence commands and the speed of the game, football is not only running in the stadium and passing the balls, it is also a tactic and intelligence, you have to look around , the player passes the ball professionally and correctly, tries to be in the right areas, opens the game and decides where and who will pass the ball quickly, and what to do if caught

Group play

The game of soccer is a group game and not individual. If you want to be the only star, we recommend you to practice individual sports such as tennis or boxing, and if you want to play soccer, you must be the spirit. of the group, and not be selfish, so as not to hate the rest of the team. Many talented young people had no luck in the professional because they played alone all the time and tried to register, and this is a mistake. , you have to participate in the game

Basic Skills

The more you practice, the more skills you have. The more you join a football club, the beginning of the path to professionalism, whatever skill you have, can not be professional. The importance of your club in providing a team that can give you the chance to play real football will guide you on the right path to learn the necessary techniques and skills. There are many opportunities that are available from one period to another,

Commitment And Perseverance.

The ball player must practice daily and for long hours, meet training hours, concentrate during training, there is nothing easy in professional football, you should also stay away from harmful things like smoking, drinking alcohol or unhealthy foods.

Apply Tactic Coach

Because he is the brain of the success of the team, because he sees in the stadium what you can not see, so you can make the most of his experience and make sure that if you carry what is in your head it will end up outside. the stadium


The most important element in this equation, without the will and determination that you are able to reach Matarid, will not succeed. The most successful international athletes failed at first but insisted on success. The result was positive. Make sure it is difficult to succeed from the first attempt, , Keep trying to be successful, and do not let anyone down your will.

Meet the top 5 players in the world in the last 10 years

Football is one of the most famous and popular sports in the world. The first football game was the English during the Roman invasion in 218 AD, when the city was played by one of the Roman battalions. The English won it until it spread. The first football club was established in 1855, and the first football association was the English FA, which was established in 1863. Denmark is the first country to play football with England. She scored the first international match at the Wembley Stadium between England and Scotland, and the first World Cup to return to Uruguay in 1930. Due to the importance of football in the Arab world and the world, we have listed some of the best international football players in the list below.

1. Lionel Messi Lionel Messi

 The famous football player, born in 1987, an Argentine national, playing for Barcelona and Argentina, is one of the most famous players in football today, and has won many awards as the best player in the world, At the age of 20, he won the League Cup in the first time he played in the league in 2006, the first winner of the Champions League title for three years in a row, and won the silver medal in the Copa America for the World Cup, Messi scored about 23 goals 68 matches.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo:

 A Portuguese footballer born in 1985, he plays as an striker in Juventus. The captain of Portugal, the second most expensive player in the world, has won many awards from the Association of Professional Football Players and the Book of Football Association He won the Golden Ball award, the third Portuguese player to win the trophy, scoring 53 goals for Real Madrid, so he became one of the top goalscorers of the 2009 season for Real Madrid.

3. Wayne Rooney: 
English footballer, born in 1985, plays as a striker at FC Barcelona. United in the US Elite League. , And in the England team, a title as the best player in the English Premier League, and the best player in the Club World Cup in 2008.

4. Andres Iniesta: 
Spaniard, born in 1984, plays for the Spanish team as a midfielder, and at the Japanese club Vesel Kobe, plays the painter, scored the winning goal against the Netherlands in the final of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, La Roja in the 2008 and 2012 European Cups, has won several awards, the most important of which are the 2010 World Cup in the Spanish national team, the FIFA Club World Cup in 2009 and 2011 at Barcelona, the title of the best player in the Champions League 2012, Games in the World 2012, and received the Royal Sports Medal of Merit in 2011 and the Prince of Asturias Award in Aa 2010.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 

A Swedish footballer, born in 1981, of Bosnian origin, who plays as a striker at the Los Angeles Galaxy and Sweden's captain, won the Serie A title in 2008 and moved to Barcelona in But for a short time and then returned to the Serie A, he was ranked fifth in the Guardian list among the top 100 footballers in the world.


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